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Founded in 2014, Singapore-based ADDO Chamber Orchestra (ADDO) is an exciting collective of enthusiastic musicians with a strong interest in performing classical music. The orchestra has her roots performing as a contemporary music ensemble and has presented a concert in March 2014, presenting the chamber works of Singaporean composer Hoh Chung Shih and various notable 20th Century composers such as Louis Andriessen and Charles Ives. ADDO expanded in 2015 to include more musicians enabling us to perform a wider spectrum of orchestral and chamber works.

As a Singaporean Orchestra, ADDO celebrates diversity and is committed to the development of the music scene in Singapore. ADDO takes upon itself to enrich the lives of our musicians and our communities by expanding the range of repertoire performed and giving concert-goers more options and opportunities. In doing so, we hope to inspire new audiences of classical music and add to the cultural scene in Singapore in a meaningful way. This will be done not just through the concert series, but also by engaging the community through audience development programme such as music appreciation workshop, pre-concert talks and master classes. ADDO is also a home where musicians from diverse backgrounds converge to discuss actively about music and to make music.